Annual SBA Scorecard for Federal Agencies: Small Business Procurement Insights

Fiscal Year Annual SBA Scorecard for Federal Agencies: Small Business Procurement Insights Download Scorecard

Annually, the SBA assesses the small business programs of all 24 Federal Agencies with procurement authority, providing insights into their supportiveness toward small businesses. This evaluation considers prime and subcontracting goals, as well as the number of small business prime contractors across various categories. Additionally, there's an OSDBU Peer Review focusing on Agency compliance with Section 15(k) of the Small Business Act. This scorecard serves as a valuable resource for small business contractors. While the Federal Government typically receives an A, Agencies with B's and C's may present marketing opportunities, as they may seek small businesses to enhance their scores in the following years.

In summary, the annual SBA assessment offers a crucial benchmark for small business contractors to gauge Agency supportiveness and identify potential growth opportunities. By leveraging this insight, businesses can strategically align with Agencies aiming to improve their small business programs, fostering mutually beneficial partnerships and contributing to a thriving small business ecosystem within the Federal Government procurement landscape.

Fiscal Year 2023 The annual scorecard assesses how well federal agencies reach their small business contracting goals. The SBA issues scorecards to the twenty-four (24) CFO Act Agencies Download Scorecard

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