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Strategic Government Solutions, LLC joins HUBZone Contractors National Council

On February 27, 2019 Strategic Government Solutions, LLC (SGS) became a member of the HUBZone Contractors National Council. Although SGS is not a HUBZone small business, it’s President Lamont Norwood worked as an EPA employee with the Council to develop and implement the initial HUBZone Summit Conference that was held in Chicago, Illinois in 2012. Since that time the HUBZone Summit has become a successful annual conference held throughout the United States. Mr. Norwood has continued his passion for the HUBZone program and SGS has assisted small businesses with information and guidance regarding the HUBZone program.

The HUBZone Contractors National Council is a non-profit Trade association comprised of a group of companies and organizations working together to improve and support the HUBZone program and Small Business Community.

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